Agriculture Specialist

We can offer farms, smallholdings, stables etc a contract that covers mice and rats, at all stages of the treatment a written report will be issued, there will be a risk assesment carried out, if the client proceeds with the contract, they will recieve an agreement from detailing how many inspection visits per year, it will also detail the total cost for the year along with the name and contact numbers of the technician.

Another part of the contract would enable the customer to call us out at no extra cost, we aim to respond to call outs for contract customers within 24hrs.

Our service complies with all auditing standards including SQC and TASK.

Other pests which are not in the contract such as moles, rabbits and pigeons can be delt with at a reduced rate with variable discounts for contract customers.

The customer can be confident that when they take out a contract with us that our technicians are fully qualified and always under going continious training.